Don’t call it a come back…

So, I’m back. 🙂

It’s been a while and I hope I’ve been missed.  I’d love to say I was doing something profound or Earth changing, but the reality is, I was burnt out and decided to goof off a bit.  Not from just blogging, but, lots of things.  Just too much going on.  Decisions to be made.  Family coming, and going, and coming back again.  Some highs, and some lows – but through it all, very few moments where I felt like I could put a thought together on paper (or in this case, a computer :)).

But, I’m back.  Or I will try my best to be “present” until my next need for some quiet time.

So here we are – months later.  It’s the fall – things are settling.  Fall is always a little sad for me.  I’m not sure why – the weather is perfect, the trees are lovely, and as some of my friends would say, the clothes are fantastic :).  Maybe it’s in anticipation of what’s to come.  I don’t know.  But with it, comes a much-needed calm.  Summers are bbqs and burgers – parks and beaches.  Summer is loud and sunny, and superbly fantastic.  Summer is also exhausting (or maybe just for anyone with kids :)).

Fall on the other hand – is serene, and a bit more spiritual.  I find it easier to connect with  my surroundings in the fall.  Maybe that’s where the melancholy comes from – feeling the elements.  You can feel the sorrow from a world away in the gust of a cold wind.   Fall allows me to hear my thoughts in the calm and quiet (even when my house is a zoo).  I can’t hear myself during the “loud” summer months.  Too much distraction.

So – more time to think and reflect, and hopefully write.  I’ve been a goofball all summer – embracing my “sunny” side. 🙂  It was much-needed – and I hope I can keep it as the tides turn and winter approaches.

But it’s always nice to re-connect.